Monkey Republic is pleased to offer a 10-year warranty on all frames purchased. Any problem, flaw, or failure from the manufacturing process is covered by this policy. This warranty is limited to manufacturing flaws. It does not cover any issues brought on by poor maintenance, abuse, improper assembly, or standard wear and tear.

Warranty Claims

  1. a) Monkey Republic will replace any damaged or defective parts at no cost to the customer if the warranty claim is accepted. There will be no refunds given.
  2. b) Monkey Republic won't pay any shipping expenses for returns.
  3. c) The Monkey Republic monkey barswarrantyis only given to the initial buyer and cannot be transferred to any other party.
  4. d) The Monkey Republic Monkey Barswarrantypolicy includes coverage for any flaw, defect, or failure resulting from the production process. The warranty is limited to manufacturing flaws.
  5. e) It does not cover any issues brought on by improper assembly, usage, weather damage, UV damage, or lack of maintenance.


Damage due to normal wear and tear.

The regular wear and tear of the goods are not covered by this warranty. This could involve, but is not restricted to:

  1. A) Steel component rusting,
  2. B) Examples include rusting of steel parts, UV deterioration of textile parts, discolouration of polymers, and powder coating.
  3. C) Climbing frames and their attachments will deteriorate with time because they are active outdoor products.

Damage from incorrect installation. This warranty does not cover any product failure brought on by installation that does not follow the instructions in the Monkey Republic user manual. Customers are required to carefully follow the Installation portion of their Monkey Republic Manual when assembling their Monkey Republic product.

Additionally, installation done by a third-party assembly service is not covered by the warranty. Before installation, it is the customer's obligation to inspect all deliverables and ensure that all components are present and in good working order.

Damage due to inadequate care or maintenance. This warranty does not cover the product's accelerated decay brought on by inadequate care or maintenance. Consumers must frequently review and heed the instructions in the Care and Maintenance portions of their Monkey Republic Manual to warranty that their product lasts as long as possible.

Damage resulting from improper usage - If the product is used for any purpose other than those for which it was designed, this warranty will be void. They are not meant to be used for competitive sports like professional gymnastics.

The warranty will not apply in the event that there is any proof that improper behaviour caused a product to fail. Similarly, the warranty will not apply to any replacement components or repairs required to fix such damage.

Damage caused by proximity to a saltwater body - This warranty is void when the Monkey Republic product is built within 1.9 kilometres of a saltwater environment or exposed to ocean spray.

Damage caused by commercial use - Monkey Republic products are only meant for home or individual use. The stated warranty period on any Monkey Republic product shall be null and void if used for business purposes, including but not limited to use in play centres, community organisations, schools, and amusement parks. Monkey Republic has the discretion to not accept a warranty.

Personal injury - This warranty does not cover damages brought on by negligence or accidents, nor does it cover losses resulting from any of the aforementioned factors: normal wear and tear, weather conditions, improper installation, inadequate care or maintenance, or unsuitable use.

Installation - Any installation services are not covered by this warranty. This is a one-time service only if a customer pays for the installation of their Monkey Republic product at the time of purchase. Under no circumstances may the client assert installation expenses for any replacement parts.