What colour options are available?

We offer the stabilising bars in either blue or green for $150. We do offer customised colours for $250 but keep in mind this will take extra time.

Do my Monkey Bars need to be concreted into the ground? 

Our Monkey Bars are designed to be free standing, meaning there is no need to concrete them into the ground. If you wish we can concrete them in for an additional fee.

What tools do I need to install and how long does it take?

Just a simple 8mm allen key is required to install the set. Our monkey bars can take from as little as 7 minutes to install! The allen key is provided as part of the purchase so you can make adjustments down the track if you please!

Can I install them by myself? 

It is possible for one person to install them but not recommended. We advise that two people are involved which will significantly speed up your installation. 

Do you service outside the Perth metro area?

While we do offer pick up from our Canning Vale showroom, we currently don't service outside of the Perth Metro area (this includes Mandurah).

How hot does the climbing rung get? 

As our climbing rungs are not powder coated, they stay cooler all year round. 

How much is installation and delivery?

Delivery is normally $80 and installation is normally $180 unless otherwise advised.

What are the dimensions of the various models?

Our Koala model has a minimum footprint of 2.2m wide and 3.2m in length. The Wombat had a minimum footprint of 3.2m wide and 3.2m in the length. The stabiliser bars are 1m in length and can be arranged how you please.

Can you deliver to the country?

Please get in contact with us to discuss a custom arrangement. 

How much notice do I need to give for a custom colour?

You can expect the turnaround for colours to be two weeks.

What are the advantages of a welded frame?

A welded climbing rung offers more strength and stability to the frame. It also allows for easy installation as you are not required to assemble each individual rung. 

Can you customise a playground for a school, club or commercial premise?

Yes. We can create a kids paradise of monkey bars, swings and accessories to suit your space at a very competitive price. Call us to arrange a quote.