What Makes Australian Steel Special?

Australian steel is a high quality product that fuels jobs in Australia in many different industries. The manufacturing sector is particularly skilled, employing everyone from apprentices to professionals, engineers and scientists. By purchasing Australian steel products you are supporting the local economy. 

One of the main benefits of purchasing Australian steel is quality assurance. Australian standards assure that manufacturers have robust systems of quality management in place at each level of the supply chain. Non-compliant steel is imported in high volumes, placing pressure on domestic manufacturers. These competitors may be able to offer a lower upfront price point, however, they are not quality assured. In the long term, these products can often fail as they are not created to the same standards.

Another benefit of Australian steel is that as a country, it is a world leader in best practices and industry collaboration. There are many organisations that promote fair and sustainable practices and responsible sourcing of materials throughout the supply chain.  

At Monkey Republic, we are proud that our Monkey Bar frames are created exclusively using Australian steel. They are manufactured in Perth to meet even the most stringent of standards.


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