Benefits of Monkey Bar Play


Monkey bars are a playground classic that have been around for decades, and they're still popular for good reason: they're versatile and fun. But what else can monkey bars do? How about improve upper body strength? What about help with hand-eye coordination and social skills?

Monkey bars are a great way to...

One of the most important benefits kids (and adults) get from monkey bars is improved upper body and core strength. This in turn improves posture by stretching out and strengthen the spine.

Monkey bars also help you develop grip strength and hand-eye coordination.

Playing on monkey bars can help improve mental health

Consistent outdoor play is a known way to improve the mental health of a child, and what better way to play outside than on a set of monkey bars? 

The physical activity from monkey bar play releases endorphins which promote happiness and help relieve stress. As monkey bars are considered a fun activity for most children. This will promote laughter which helps a child feel relaxed.

They can help improve socialisation skills

Monkey bar play in a strange way can help foster some crucial life skills that will help a child socialise in the long term. As there is only a limited amount of space not everyone in a group will be able to swing at the same time. Learning to be patient while they wait for their turn, also helping a child understand the concept of sharing.

As not everyone in the group will be on the same skill level, monkey bar play also encourages children to teach and be encouraging of one other.


At Monkey Republic is committed to creating high quality monkey bars. We also want to be a part of raising the next generation to be as happy and healthy as possible. Check out our range of monkey bars and feel free to give us a call if you have any queries. 

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